India has no Coronavirus, Tourists flock to apply for India Visa in 2020 Tourist season

Update - 27th February 2020

Coronavirus is manageable. It is still spreading outside China. India Tourist Visa holders and India Business Visa holders are safe to travel in the country. The update on 26th of February 2020 by World Health Organisation has declared India to be a safe country to travel. If you had visited China recently, then you may be asked about it during your application process for Indian Visa Online (eVisa India).

Update - 14th February 2020

Coronavirus Update

In order to protect India from any impact to tourists or local population, the Government of India has announced cancellation of Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) for the Chinese visitors. There are a total of 24 countries outside of China which have registered cases of Coronavirus.

There were only three cases of coronavirus of Indian passengers from the southern state of Kerala. The Government of India took stringent measures, restricted them on the Diamond Princess cruise vessel. All three recovered and have been quarantined for 14 days at home.

Indian Government has taken proactive measures to evacuate over 600 Indians living in the epicentre of Coronavirus, Wuhan – China. Their condition is being monitored on daily bases and those 600 plus residents of India from China are quarantines at the Indian Armed Forces Medical Services center.

Government of India has taken proactive measures at all airports for quarantine for any traveller exhibiting symptoms of flu.

Lab testing facilities for Coronavirus in India and China Bound Travel Advisory

Indian Council of Medical Research has set up facilities to test for Coronavirus all through the country. The tourists are also advised to not visit China to prevent the spread of disease. There is virtually no coronavirus in India.

Visitors from China to India are NOT allowed and even if those passengers applied for a physical paper Visa to India or eVisa India (electronic Indian Visa Online), it has been suspended and cancelled for residents of China.

Indian Visa, No Coronavirus in India

Visitors are flocking to India because of its safety compared to other tourist destinations like Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan which have active and increasing cases of coronavirus. Because of its safety, well taken measures, active government involvement and cooperation of airports and tourism bodies there are no cases of coronavirus in India. India is the most prepared and ready country to deal with any coronavirus outbreak. Tourists are most safe in India in this tourism season.

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